Best Places to Celebrate New Year in Dubai

Thinking about how to spend your New Year? or Searching for Best Places to Celebrate New Year in Dubai. How about planning a trip to Dubai to welcome 2020 with your beloved ones?

Then what are you waiting for! Start prepping for your exciting welcome to the New Year celebration in Dubai, one of the favorite tourist destinations in the world.

Best Places to Celebrate New Year in Dubai

Parties, fireworks, cruising and a mouth-watering cuisine await you to conclude another glorious year of your life and heartily welcome 2020.

This complete guide of Dubai’s must-visit places will surely smoothen your planning process.

Let’s start to know some Best Places to Celebrate New Year in Dubai

Best Places to Celebrate New Year in Dubai

Fireworks at Burj Khalifa and Atlantis

Fireworks at Burj Khalifa and Atlantis

Burj Khalifa, one of the tallest skyscrapers in the world, is a major tourist attraction of Dubai. What makes it special during New Year is the dazzling fireworks.

The fireworks at Burj Khalifa are broadcasted on television and nearly the whole world gets to witness this mesmerizing show of lights and sound beaming in the sky with different colors.

Another reason for this to be a must-visit place during New Year is the light and water show at The Dubai Fountain here. Hundreds of people gather to witness this magical light, sound and water show here at midnight.

To avoid inconvenience, and to get a complete feel of the show, it is advised to reach the Burj Khalifa by 06.00 pm before the rush hour commences.

Another major attraction for fireworks here is the Atlantis. Though overpowered by the Burj Khalifa fireworks, the fireworks of the Atlantis is also one spectacular moment. So, to not to miss this visual treat, get yourself booked at the Atlantis and be a spectator to this phenomenon.

Watching the fireworks from Umm Al Sequim Beach

Watching the fireworks from Umm Al Sequim Beach

Could not make a booking at Atlantis and neither could you match time to Burj Khalifa? Do not worry! Head straight to Umm Al Sequin Beach to witness not just one but both the firecracker shows.

Located in the center of the two, from the beach you can get a complete view of the fireworks while sipping some champagne and relaxing with your family and friends.

Dhow Cruise

Dhow Cruise

If you just wish to do something different during this festive season, just cruise around and welcome the New Year. You can get aboard the traditional Dhow cruises and other cruises and sail across the Creek with your family and friends.

Aboard this 350-passenger capacity vessel, you get to witness onboard entertainment, lavish cuisine and can experience a different kind of luxury while welcoming the upcoming year.

If you find the dhow cruises expensive, then there are a series of cheaper cruise liners to make your New Year special. Even the government of Dubai has made arrangements for your New Year to be special.

The Road and Transport Authority (RTA) offers a series of options for you including a water bus, Dubai ferry, the Abra, through which you would get to witness the fireworks all over the city, sailing through the canal.

Party corners in Dubai

The most fancied Zero Gravity New Year Party is a must-attend party destination if you are in Dubai to celebrate New Year with your loved ones. Dance and sway all night on the tunes of DJ Jax Jones and Sigma at the Al Fresco Beach Club and get to savor delicious feasts.

You also have the Barasati Club, which is also one of the favorites of all the party enthusiasts. Just pay AED 210 and party all night. The Bahri Bar that offers a spectacular view of the Burj Al Arab is one place from where you can party and watch the fireworks together. The entry to Bahri Bar is AED 995.

The Magic of Dubai Opera

The Magic of Dubai Opera

For those who are not noise friendly and wish to have a quiet New Year, Dubai Opera is the place for you. Offering a royal dinner and a classic DJ at midnight this place is just not to be missed. The rates vary between AED 2500 – AED 3500.


So buck up to pay a visit to these amazing places and have a memorable New Year with your family and friends in the magical city of Dubai. Do not forget to get your Dubai tourist visa before you travel.

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