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How to Become amazon affiliate free and earn $1000/month

People earn $1000/month referring amazon product with join amazon affiliate program. Yes, I know you also want. But Don’t know how to Join amazon affiliate. I guide you step by step process.

What is the Amazon Affiliate?

Amazon affiliate also called Amazon associated is an affiliate program where people refer/advertise amazon products through amazon product link.

When someone buys a product through your link you got a certain amount of commission given by amazon.

It is an easy way to monetize your website or blog or a youtube channel or all of these.

How to Become amazon affiliate free

Create a website or blog

You need to create a website or blog or youtube channel. then only you advertise the amazon product and you got the commission. If you have then join amazon affiliate now otherwise make website first then join. Here is the guide.

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Create Amazon associate account

amazon associate

Visit amazon associate

Here you can change your language and Locale as per your country or in which country amazon affiliate program you want to join.

After that click on Join Now for Free.

Account information

amazon account information

Here you provide your address, If you have already an Amazon account it automatically detects it otherwise add.

Next choose are you a U.S. person or not for Tax purposes.

Then click Next.

Website and Mobile app list

website and mobile app list

Here you add your website and App just enters a website and click Add.

You can add URL of the Facebook fan page and Verified Twitter account if you have lots of followers.

Your App must available in one of these Stores Amazon, Google Play or Apple.

After that click on Next


amazon profile

Enter Amazon Associated ID. Amazon Associated ID is an Id that adds on the amazon link which you refer to. So it is easily tracking.

You only add alphabet and number or both.

Next Stage Describe what about your website or blog. If your multiple websites then describe with different paragraphs.

Next, select the primary type of your website. If you have more then click Add another Type, If you don’t find related to your website click Other.

Next, select which type of Item you want to show on your Website.

Next, select what type of your website? If you don’t find describe your website select A blog or Other.

amazon monetize

On Next Stage tick on How you generate Traffic to your Website.

Next, Select how you generate income from your websites like Google Adsense or any other affiliate program. If you don’t have any choice then choose amazon associate is only monetization I Use.

Next, Choose How many visitors you have per month

On last stage enter the captcha, read Agreement and tick it then click Finish

amazon affiliate

Done successfully join the Amazon affiliate program.

Remember you must need at least three qualified sales within 180 days otherwise your application and access to the Associates Program will be withdrawn.

amazon affiliate dashboard

After Successfully join you redirect to the amazon affiliate dashboard. Here show your total earning, Total clicks.

Make sure you complete Tax information and Payment information before amazon pay you.

How to Create Amazon affiliate link

product link

On amazon, affiliate dashboard clicks on Product Links.

get link

Enter the Keyword you want the link and click go.

Then its show products, select the product and click on Get link.

html link

Customize your link by choosing an add with text and image, text only, image only, or Add to widget

Depending on the link type, customize background color, title color, and Price Color

Preview of the link before adding it to your site

Copy and paste the link, short link, or HTML copy and place it on your website or blog.

How to not get banned from Amazon affiliate account

Three qualify sale from your Amazon affiliate accounts within 180 days.

Never use the amazon product image on your website

Never use short link website like bitly or google for short amazon link because of amazon tracks links.

Don’t encourage your family or friends to buy product through your link

Don’t encourage your visitor to buy products through your link to support you

Don’t post or show amazon rating or review on your website

Don’t send amazon affiliate link through email

Don’t post link any forum or PDF or Ebook

Don’t show amazon affiliate link any pop-up on your website

More rules check here


I try my best to explain How to Become amazon affiliate and How to not get banned from Amazon affiliate account. It is a simple process to join and earn money. Amazon is the most trusted and Provides services in most of the country.

It is better to first create a website got traffic then apply for amazon associates program because of need three sales in 180 days. and Don’t forget to follow amazon rules.

Frequently asked Question

When you receive payment?

After 60 days end of each calendar month

Does amazon pay for a click?

No, amazon only pay you if someone buys products through your link

What is Bounties in Amazon affiliate?

The Amazon Bounty Program offers fixed advertising fees when visitors sign-up for various Amazon services.

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