Aaptiv Review: Is Aaptiv Worth It?

Aaptiv is a fitness app that allows people to download more than 400 different workout classes. The app can be used via a computer, tablet, or smartphone and includes over 1,000 music playlists of various genres. Aaptiv offers self-paced workouts that range from one minute to an hour. Aaptiv’s workout classes are developed by professionals in the field of fitness, including Olympians and masters athletes.

aaptiv review

Aaptiv Review

Aaptiv is an app that you can use to teach yourself how to work out. The app comes with its own workout playlist, but you will also be able to choose any songs that you like, or that your gym has in the playlist. I find this feature really helpful because I know at least one song of mine will be on their list. Also, you can choose how hard you want to work out and how long it will last. I’ve used Aaptiv before and have always enjoyed it. The app keeps you accountable as well so that you can really push yourself when needed or when it is time to go out of the gym.

This app will not work if you do not have a good internet connection. Aaptiv realizes that your workouts are important and that they should be saved, so when it doesn’t have an internet connection, it will save your progress to the app, and then when you do have Internet again, it will sync with the app so that you can continue where you left off. The only downside is that if your WiFi cuts out in the middle of a workout all of your progress for that workout will be lost.

This app is really easy to set up and use. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices, so you can pick what you are most comfortable with! All you have to do is download the app, create an account, and then follow the prompts on how to use it! I actually enjoy this feature because sometimes there are just too many steps involved in an app! If they are going to be helpful they should not be complicated. The app is also very user-friendly, so I think this will be a great app for people who have never used an app like this.

This is one of my favorite apps that I use because it really makes me motivated to push myself harder than I really want to go. Even though the workouts get harder as you go along, there are also plenty of easier workouts to choose from if you are stuck. Also, the music is really catchy and you will have a lot of fun trying out different workouts. If you are someone who loves music and you love to work out, I would highly recommend this app!

Aaptiv Pricing

A monthly subscription includes all the workout classes. The cost per month is $14.99.

A monthly subscription includes live, private workouts with Aaptiv trainers for $9.99 per month for each workout class. The price can be lowered to $9 a month if purchased on a yearly basis directly from the app which is $99.99/Year.

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Aaptiv review Pregnancy

With my first pregnancy, I used to exercise a lot. I used to take a lot of aerobics classes and do yoga as well. Then when I got pregnant, that all stopped. The reason being is because, during pregnancy, you should not do any strenuous or aerobic activities. The best thing that you can do is get yourself some prenatal yoga videos on youtube or buy one from the store.

I discovered the Aaptiv app through some friends who recommended it to me a few days before my delivery date. I didn’t have much time to try out the app, but I still felt motivated to do some workouts on it. I must say that I enjoyed the variety of exercises that were available for me to follow. They had different kinds of workouts ranging from low-impact workouts to strenuous intense cardio workout sessions. What impressed me the most was that they even had options for water workouts where there is no impact at all on your joints and muscles and you are safe to swim during pregnancy.

What I liked about the app:-

I will always try to find something positive about each and every product that I review. In my opinion, this app is great for pregnant women who like to exercise without putting extra pressure on their joints or muscles. Here is what I loved about the Aaptiv app:

The music in this app is upbeat and really helps you stay motivated through your workouts.

When you join Aaptiv, it will have some introductory challenges designed for pregnant women. When the challenge is over, you can pick any level of workout that you want to do.

For those who are not pregnant, the app comes with its own workout playlist. Now you can choose your own songs from your playlist too!

I liked the variety of workouts available in this app. They also have a ton of workout plans that you can follow.

This app is perfect for you if you are looking to keep yourself motivated to work out while you are pregnant. Not only will it help you stay fit, but it will also help you tone up and build stamina. I personally found prenatal yoga videos on youtube to be a little boring, and I never felt like completing the workout, but with Aaptiv, I was able to complete the entire session in a very short time!

They have different kinds of workouts based on your current phase of pregnancy. There are some at the very beginning of your pregnancy and some at the end. I found that it was a little hard to pick which one I wanted to do first. The workout for the very beginning was simply about jumping, but the middle one required you to do other things like pushups and squats.

Aaptiv is an app for both fitness and meditation. It is a workout app in which you choose from a list of workouts that have been carefully curated to be the perfect length and intensity. There are also guided meditations to help center your mind and body for better overall health.

The app is very well designed and has a simple, but informative toolbar on the bottom that allows you to view your performance stats (pace, distance, etc.), your overall progress, a summary of your last workout, the ability to purchase the workouts, and private messaging.

There are plenty of workouts in the library that cater to all levels so I didn’t have any trouble finding one that fit my needs. I pushed myself harder than I normally would and I was pleased with how my muscles reacted to each workout. I liked that while I was in the app it made me feel like I was in a gym.

The best part of Aaptiv is the meditations. The app is broken down into sections so you can choose to meditate during or after your workout or just choose a meditation right off the bat. Each section has a selection of guided and unguided meditations for both beginners and more advanced people who want to dive deeper into their practice.

I was impressed with how many guided meditations there were for beginners. I started off with these and eased into the more advanced meditations once I felt like my mind was ready. It is well worth the cost of the app if you plan on using it as a meditation app because that’s where it truly succeeds.


Overall, this is a great choice for anyone looking to work out at home or while they are on the go and also want to ease into some meditation. I would highly recommend it for anyone who is a beginner meditator because of all the guided meditations that teach you how to relax which can be difficult for some people.

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