5 Benefits of Online Coaching Over Conventional Classroom Coaching

Are confused in between to choose Online Coaching or Conventional classroom coaching for crack competitive exams like JEE or NEET or UPSC or SSC or Bank then in this article guide you 5 Benefits of Online Coaching Over Conventional Classroom Coaching.

With the advancement made in the internet and digital connectivity, reaching across every nooks and corner of modern India, the digital resources have reached to the masses. To the people who were once limited to the local resources available in the physical format.

5 Benefits of Online Coaching Over Conventional Classroom Coaching

But after this digital revolution, now they can access the resources of worldly exposure available in the virtual format, from entertainment to the learning and skill development contents.

Moreover, the learning that was confined within the walls of conventional classroom learning is now reaching to the masses in the form of online learning. And it’s the online coaching that has evolved due to these technological advancements.

Although there are certain limitations of online coaching as compared to classroom learning, many beneficial aspects of Online Courses have been identified that can’t be expected in Conventional classroom Coaching. We are listing a few of them below:-

5 Benefits of Online Coaching Over Conventional Classroom Coaching

1. Low price in comparison to the conventional classroom coaching

Be it local coaching or one of the best coaching in Kota, only a limited number of students can attend the class in the conventional classroom coaching. Which means that only a few hundred students can utilize this learning facility and cost of the resource are borne by these students making it expensive.

On the other hand, if the same learning resources are delivered through online coaching then its reach increases manifolds and is shared by more students, thus bringing down the cost.

Surprisingly, in other formats of online coaching resources, provided through social media platforms like YouTube live and Facebook live, the cost of content making is supported by the revenue generated through Ads, making it almost free.

Additionally, when you access these classes of online coaching from your home, it saves you another considerable amount of money. That otherwise gets expended in commuting and in the form of money paid as lodging rent. Also, when you happen to shift for your studies, you incur additional expenses in buying consumables and services you take due to being outside and away from your home.

2. Helps you avoid inconveniences

In the majority of cases, the students planning to prepare for competitive examinations like NEET or JEE belong to the small town or from remote areas. Thus they are required to move to a city where the coaching institutes are located and the preparatory lectures are held.

This exposes them to many hidden problems and challenges that appear up when one leaves their home and moves to another city to pursue their dream education.

These are the problems that the students are not aware of, and face challenges right from their early preparatory phase. Most of the students get distracted and gets indulged in leisure and fun activities, leading to the dissipation of their study time.

Leading to the class bunk and develops backlogs of lectures being organized in the preparatory sessions, that can’t be attended later on.

While on the other hand in online coaching, students don’t have to compromise the homely comfort and shift themselves to a different place. It saves them from lots of problems like homesickness, distractions, illness, and others. Whereas, in their preparation phase covered from the comfort of homely stay, they get assisted by their family members that save them a ton of time needed to do the domestic chores.

3. Self-Paced Learning through Flexible Schedule

Interestingly, there is an aspect of the online coaching that can either be converted into a boon or a curse. The online coaching does require commitments of some fixed hours needed to finish the preparatory lectures, but it doesn’t bind up the students in a fixed routine.

It requires a strong dedication and determination to study on a regular basis. But if a student is internally motivated and willing to craft the desired result then the online coaching can serve them a great medium to study at their own pace. Since they just have to make an effective learning schedule as per their learning speed and accomplish the learning goals set by themselves.

Whereas in the conventional classroom coaching they have to maintain the pace of the classroom, and in case a student misses any of the class they happen to lag behind.

That means online coaching lets you study whenever and wherever you want, it may be in the early morning or in the late night, on your cosy bed or at your study table. The choice is all yours.

4. Enhanced digital learning Resources

The online coaching provides you with all the required tools of conventional classroom coaching. From study material in EBook and PDF formats, online test series to the recorded video lectures or the interactive live classes.

It makes learning handier since you are not required to carry the load of books and notes, and additionally makes the learning interactive and fun.

5. Easy access without Location constraints

Digital media technology is evolving with every passing day, leading to the advancement in the benefits of Online Coaching over Conventional Coaching format. This change has influenced the learning and education sector greatly, particularly the preparatory learning industry.

And on the positive side, the aspirants of remote places in India who used to feel being left behind due to not having access to the requisite resources are preparing now for the competitive exams from their own home.


Now if you want to learn and prepare from the comfort of your home on a lower cost and self-paced learning. Then it’s your turn to try online coaching for preparation of competitive exams like NEET, JEE or other exams, and find the advantage that it can offer to you.

Take a while to compare and contrast the benefits of both these coaching modes. Acquire access to it and start preparing for your dream career.

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