4 Unique Toy Storage Ideas for Kids Playrooms

As a parent, the daily clutter you have to deal with would leave you wondering if it’s possible to have kids and maintain a clean home. The answer is yes. Although living with toddlers can be hectic, there are creative ways you can maintain a clean environment. If you have ample living space, you can dedicate a whole room for your kids to play with their toys. However, if you have limited living space, a corner of the living room would do. 

Unique Toy Storage Ideas for Kids Playrooms

Toy storage for kids’ playrooms can help you get better organized and avoid the mess in the house. Playrooms are always a headache for parents because there is never enough room for the toys, and they end up strewn all over the place. If you are lucky, you have one large room which can be used for the toys. Children have accidents in the house all the time. Therefore their toys must be stored away when not in use. Here are toy storage ideas you might want to try out. 

4 Unique Toy Storage Ideas for Kids Playrooms

Use a Wicker Basket to Store Toys

Practical kids toy storage ideas involve a container for organizing. For this, you can use wicker baskets. These baskets are made from all sorts of materials, ranging from woven natural fibers. They are sturdy and will hold up well when it comes to frequent usage. Kids need to have storage baskets to store their stuff. This way, you can classify the types of toys and know where to get each. 

These wicker baskets but be placed in a closet. Some come with lids so they can be easily stacked up. They are also great for storing toys that you wouldn’t want your kids to access, as these baskets can come with locks. Another great thing about using wicker baskets for kids is that you can label them. You can also use them to store other play items apart from toys, like books or other reading materials. 

Cube Organizer 

Toy storage cubes are another great storage idea for kids’ rooms. You can place their toys in a cube organizer to be organized, and your kids can have easy access to their toys when they need them. You can use a storage cube organizer to place toys into a cube tray that can be taken out of the room when needed. 

You can even use it on the floor to place toys near play areas for easy accessibility. A cube organizer makes it easy to find toys when your child needs to play because all they have to do is pick out the toys they need. 

Shelving Units

An excellent way to save space in your home is to install shelving units. A shelf is a vertical storage item solid plane used to display things that are either being stored or sold for sale.

It is usually anchored or supported on its longer end and sometimes elevated off the floor by adjustable brackets. You can hang it on a straight wall. Shelves can be a practical storage solution for your kid’s toys. They contain compartments so you can store different categories of toys and label them accordingly. 

To determine what type of shelf will work best in a given space, one should consider several different types of shelving. Each has its benefits and drawbacks. For example, a horizontal shelf offers more room to store many items, but it takes up more floor space. Also, a vertical shelf provides much more storage capacity, but your kids might find it difficult to reach. 

Wire Baskets

Wire baskets are very versatile. You can even place them on the shelf, hang them or store them on your countertop. Using wire baskets as storage for your children’s toys in the house is a fantastic way to keep your living space clean and help you get rid of clutter. These baskets come in many different colors and shapes, such as square or more rectangular. Just like wicker baskets, they are stackable too. 

How Do You Store Lots of Toys?

There are hundreds of storage boxes, drawers, and other toy organizers that you can use to store lots of toys. They’re so many that it can be overwhelming to choose which one to use in your child’s room. One significant toy storage idea that is a favorite with many parents is the toy storage bench. 

By placing a toy storage bench in the corner of the room, you can store your children’s toys while still keeping them hidden. The bench keeps everything out of sight but accessible and also makes tidying up very easy to do. Another popular storage option for children’s bedrooms is storage boxes. You can use boxes for a variety of storage solutions. Plus, they are made from different materials, from wicker to wood and plastic.


There are plenty of toy storage ideas for kids’ playrooms out there, but the best ones are the ones that look good and durable. It shouldn’t break easily; durable storage materials should withstand all wear and tear. By purchasing these storage items, you are saving yourself time and helping to teach your child good organization habits.

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